Features & Best Practices

Introducing group feaure

Often what happens is you create campaigns with different use cases in mind but they start to appear for the same user and a user is bombarded with multiple notifications on the same page. Or there are notifications which are for the same purpose but once the purpose is achieved you don’t want to show any of them. Our “Groups” feature allows you to do handle these cases easily. You can put selected notifications in a group. Apart from their own targeting […]

Creating API Hooks

Please note that while creating API hooks, the form data key in variable parameter should be assigned only the value of the label in the form field and not the values of different field name or different field label in the form field. The same is graphically explained in the image below, you should use the value of the field with  next to it and not use the values of the fields with  next to it while creating the API Hook. Example: Below is […]

Introducing the feature to upload a custom list

Feature: Uploading a custom user list and then showing notification when a user from this list matches the custom variables rules set while creating the notification. Let us understand this by taking an example use case. Use Case: We want to show a targeted notification to our clients whose annual subscription plan is about to expire. Steps to achieve this: 1. First, create a list of eligible clients and save it locally in .txt or .csv formats. Note: Values in the list must be comma separated The list has to be […]

Best Practices to use Popup widgets on your site while maintaining good user experience

Connecto is a tool to increase engagement and convertions on your site. This involves using popup widgets to drive user to certain goals and actions. What we have mentioned below are some best practices that we have learned over time from our users. As a site owner its possible to setup a widget to be extremely aggressive which can hurt user experience which not only hurts the website but also Connecto. With this blog its our aim to make you […]

10 Ways To Segment And Smartly Target Your Visitors

By now, you might be having a fairly good idea of what Connecto offers, our numerous widgets and their use cases, how can you benefit using our widgets, how intelligent targeting is possible using various targeting options available etc. Since our widgets (lead forms & notifications) are coupled with a number of targeting variables, hundreds of targeting groups can be made using different combinations and marketing strategy can be designed accordingly. By segmenting the visitors of your site and targeting […]

A/B Testing for Websites

A/B testing is a simple approach to test what works and what not. It is similar to trial and error in research where you try various possibilities/solutions until success. Standard A/B testing is most effective and common practice to decide amongst choices. For example, lets say you have a website for a SAAS product and you are not sure where to keep your Sign Up button on your homepage. The simplest way to decide is to try 2-3 positions on […]

Introducing Minimize Feature

Why do we need a minimize feature Depending on your goal you may be interested in using Connecto’s widgets for showing relevant offers or for collecting quality leads from your on-site traffic. Normally, if the visitor is not interested in the offer or is not willing to provide his contact details, he will close the pop up and will not see it again. However, there is a chance that he may get interested in your offer/product/service after having researched the […]

Embeddable Widgets – Why should you use them

What is an embeddable widget An embeddable widget is any widget that could be embedded right inside your webpage in a way that it looks like an integral part of the website. Types of embedded widgets When we talk of embedded widgets, generally it refers to embeddable forms. But, Connecto offers a little more than this – embeddable forms, embeddable banners or form inside an embedded YouTube video on your site. Benefits Our embedded widgets have their own benefits. Some […]

Understanding Page/ URL Targeting in Connecto

You can apply suitable targeting rules in Connecto’s admin panel to show widgets precisely when the user is most engaged. This can be done on the Targeting Screen that appears in the third step while creating a notification. As you can see in the screenshot above, targeting has been divided into three sub sets: Behavior Targeting – This section deals with rules to decide when will the notification appear. Segmentation – This section decides the set of audience that will […]