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How to Send Segmented Notification through API

Segmented notification can be send from app.connecto.io and through API. Please follow the steps to send segmented notification through API. API  :  http://app.connecto.io/send/chromePushNotificationApi Example : You want to send Notification to target users : who have submitted lead with city_name equals jaipur or visited page ‘/’ having attribute model_name equals Honda in last 7days. payload for Segmented Notification API. {   “writekey”: “XXXXX”,   “projectId”: “abcdefghijklmnnopq”,   “propertyId” : ”1123456789123456″,   “campaignId” : “5b6c13d6a5486b438c81c57c”,   “notification”: {     “name”: “Notification_Name”,   […]


Segmentation is about clustering users in groups that satisfy some criterion. Typically the way segmentation is done based on the user’s past actions like pages visited, time spent, events done and around attributes that we may know about them like (age group, repeat or first time user, city etc. Connecto allows you to target users by the events and page events that they may have done. The idea is to define individual properties using segment variables and then combine them […]

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