Embeddable Widgets – Why should you use them

What is an embeddable widget

An embeddable widget is any widget that could be embedded right inside your webpage in a way that it looks like an integral part of the website.

Types of embedded widgets

When we talk of embedded widgets, generally it refers to embeddable forms. But, Connecto offers a little more than this – embeddable forms, embeddable banners or form inside an embedded YouTube video on your site.


Our embedded widgets have their own benefits. Some of them are listed below.

1. Non- Intrusive

Unlike floating widgets which may be annoying for some visitors, embedded widgets sit quietly on your web page and look like an integral part of the website.

2. Better Lead Data

Embedded forms are a lot better than the normal website forms in the sense that they provide you with valuable enriched lead data. They will give you an insight on the lead’s referral source, geolocation and his session details on your site i.e When did he land on your site, what pages he browsed, how much time did he spend on your site etc.

3. Customizable Design

Design of all the embedded forms is customizable and can be changed to suit the website’s theme. Message and look and feel of the forms can be easily changed from Connecto’s admin panel without any technical help!

4. Integration With Backend Systems

The data collected from embeddable forms can be directly pushed into your CRM or marketing automation systems like mailchimp etc. Thereby, completely eliminating the unnecessary hassle of downloading the data and then preserving it.

5. Run A/B Tests

Yes, you can run A/B tests among two embedded widgets and decide on the language, offers, form-size, number of optimum form fields etc. This will give you important insights about the user behaviour and save a lot of marketing effort and time.

6. Apply suitable targeting rules

Last but not the least, all our embeddable widgets are coupled with numerous targeting options. For e.g you can show different forms (in same slot) to people from different geo location using our geolocation targeting rules.

Use Cases

Listed below are a few use cases to give you an idea on how these embedded widgets could be of any help for your business.

1. Get enriched lead data

Since embedded forms provide you enriched lead data and are easily customizable (as discussed in benefits section), it is worth replacing your website forms with embeddable forms.

2. Drive traffic to your affiliates

If you are a publisher or blogger or run a website showing deals and coupons you can drive more traffic to your affiliates and boost your revenue by showing targeted advertisements and banners via Connecto. Also, you can run A/B tests to figure out the best creatives.

3. Monetize YouTube videos embedded on your website

If you have an educational/funny or introductory embedded YouTube video on your website, our video widget is worth a try. Here, a lead form is shown right inside the embedded video when the user pauses or finishes viewing it. Hence, enabling you to generate leads even from the video!

There could be many other use cases which haven’t been covered in the post. You may pick the suitable ones or create one of your own and help us grow the list!

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