A/B Testing for Websites

A/B testing is a simple approach to test what works and what not. It is similar to trial and error in research where you try various possibilities/solutions until success. Standard A/B testing is most effective and common practice to decide amongst choices. For example, lets say you have a website for a SAAS product and you are not sure where to keep your Sign Up button on your homepage. The simplest way to decide is to try 2-3 positions on random groupings of people and see which one is the winner. This is one simple use case of A/B testing, however you can use the same practice for thousands of problems including your website design, call to action buttons etc etc.

What is A/B testing

A/B testing is a heuristic method and the idea is to first come up with some random hypothetical solutions for a problem and then get the data to backup your hypothesis. It has a direct impact on your revenue generation as it directly tells you what best suits your website visitors. these days a lot a savvy marketers and website designers are using A/B testing methodology to find out what suits best to their visitors.


How Connecto helps you with A/B testing

Connecto is an addon tool to your website which helps you improve visitor engagement and eventually the conversion rates. With Connecto, you can show a targeted message to your visitor either in embedded or popup form. It gives you complete control to target your audience based on hundreds of parameters. One of the parameters is Random Sampling, which gives you an A/B testing platform for your visitors. You can show one type of message to 50% of your audience and another to rest 50%. You can check the performance of both messaging in Connecto’s analytics and then based on results which could be in terms of click through rate or submission of lead forms, you can decide upon on your best suited messaging to your visitor. This A/B testing could be done for various design parameters (like how and where to show) –

  1. Language
  2. Position
  3. Color
  4. Embedded or popup
  5. Size
  6. Call to action position and size

and also, you can decide upon targeting parameters (like when and whom to show).

To know how to set up A/B test in Connecto, please go through this article.

How various industries can be impacted by Connecto’s A/B testing


If you are are doing ecomm, our A/B testing can help you with which offers outperforms the rest of your offers. Based on our analytics, you can easily pick up the winning offer.

Leads based business

If you are a business like Real Estate, Business School etc, our A/B testing can help you with how and when to show a lead form with what messaging which gets you highest number of leads.

News and Media

If you are a business interested in showing ads then with our A/B testing, you can find out when and where to show ads to get maximum click through rate.

Thus, we help the marketers to get best ROI on their investment in digital marketing.

Happy Converting !

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