Segmentation is about clustering users in groups that satisfy some criterion. Typically the way segmentation is done based on the user’s past actions like pages visited, time spent, events done and around attributes that we may know about them like (age group, repeat or first time user, city etc.

Connecto allows you to target users by the events and page events that they may have done. The idea is to define individual properties using segment variables and then combine them in segment definitions to completely define a segment.

Segment is of two types:

Offline Segment:  In offline segment we do processing in our back-end where we target all users for qualifying segment condition.

Online Segment: In online segment we do processing at client(browser) side and process only one user for that segment and check whether client qualifies in that segment or not. Client side segmentation or Online Segmentation (for e.g. for Web Notifications or Personalization) we can apply that function on all the events stored in user’s local storage so we can basically get segmentation without any cost to the server.

To create Offline Segment use offline Segment variable and to create Online Segment use online Segment variable.

Segment Variable


General Idea of Offline Segment Variable:

  • A variable is defined for a specific condition, i.e to target and filter a specific set of connectoIds based on their behaviour (based on events or page events).
  • If you choose to create a variable based on a certain Page view you can create variable of type:-  User that have/have_not  visited  page containing ‘/’. (please don’t give exact URL of page you want to target). Visited URL should left blank it contains by default ‘/’.  In page view we target user by attributes.
  • If you choose to create a variable based on a certain Event you can create variable of type:- User that have/have_not executed “EVENT” with different attributes.


  • Segment can be made using segment variables.
  • Segment is basically combination of multiple segment variables where Segment Variable are combined using logical AND & OR rules. (let A, B, C, D are my segment variable so if we create segment  A OR B then either of segment variable will be qualified.  If we create segment C AND A  then both segment variable need to qualified by user to get selected in that segment.)
  • In above example(image) there is segment in which contain two segment variables  1) User visited Verna overview page  AND 2) User not visited Honda city overview page, So in this segment only those user will qualify who satisfy both segment variable condition because two segment variable are combined with AND condition.
  • Time window is From days ago till To  days ago.  From day should be greater than To day.

Note:  Segment should contain at-least one positive segment variable and Segment variable should have at-least one positive attribute condition.


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