Introducing Minimize Feature

Why do we need a minimize feature

Depending on your goal you may be interested in using Connecto’s widgets for showing relevant offers or for collecting quality leads from your on-site traffic.

Normally, if the visitor is not interested in the offer or is not willing to provide his contact details, he will close the pop up and will not see it again. However, there is a chance that he may get interested in your offer/product/service after having researched the website for quite some time and may agree to fill a lead as well. This is when the minimize feature plays an important role. It allows the widget to sit quietly on a page without disturbing the user activity and also provides a proactive means to the user to make a purchase or to get in touch with the marketer.

How to add minimize feature while creating a notification

At the bottom of the visuals screen in create flow there is an “advanced options” section. When you click on it, close & minimize section will open. You can define your widget’s close behaviour there.

Minimize Behaviour:

There are two options for minimize behaviour –
1. Minimize & Start Opened – The widget appears as opened when a page loads and only a strip remains on minimizing it.

2. Minimize & Start Closed – Here, the widget initially appears as minimized (only a strip is visible) and the complete widget can be seen only when you click on it.

On choosing the minimize behaviour as per your preference, a set of variables open under “Anchor Properties”. Before delving into details, let us understand what an anchor is actually.


Anchor is the text to which your widget is anchored when minimized. That means anchor is the text which is displayed on the strip that is visible when the widget is minimized.

Anchor Properties:

Anchor properties help you to customize the minimize strip as per your need.
1. Anchor Text- Text which is displayed on the strip visible after the widget is minimized.
2. Anchor Text Color – Color of the anchor text
3. Strip Background Color – Color of the strip visible after the widget is minimized.
4. Strip Border Color – Border color of the strip visible after the widget is minimized.
5. Strip Height – Height of the strip visible after the widget is minimized.
6. Strip Width – Width of strip visible after the widget is minimized.
7. Hide On Maximize – Keep this yes if you don’t want to show the anchor text when widget is opened.

Anchor Positions:

Currently anchor text is supported when the widget is launched on the following positions on a page – top center, right center, left center, bottom center, bottom right and bottom left.

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