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How to open a widget on API call

You can open any Connecto widget when the user clicks on a button on your website. For this you will need to make a JS call on button click at your end. Here is a step by step guide to do this: 1. Login to your Connecto account 2. While creating the notification, go to  Visuals Screen>>Advanced options>>Close & minimize section>>Close or minimize – choose Open only with API call. 3. Save the notification 4. Edit the notification to note the notification ID […]

How to create sticky widget with text handle

1. Login to your Connecto account. 2. Go to create screen and select any template with a form Suggested templates for sticky widget are Aura, Veronica and Mystic. In this example, I am choosing “Aura” 3. Create notification While creating and customizing the notification you will have to take care of these three properties: 3.1 Position of the widget The sticky widget is supported on six positions on a page: top center, right center, left center, bottom center, bottom right and bottom left. But it is […]

Custom Variables – How to add any custom rules to Connecto targeting

Connecto allows you to target users based on multiple criteria including Page URLs, Geolocation, Source (Search, Social, Direct etc), Repeat/First Time, Session Time, Time on Page, Scroll, Browser, Pages Viewed, Device (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop) in Session etc. All these targeting criteria work with our single javasript code and does not require any more information from you. You can use Connecto to use these targeting options and show targeted notifications/lead forms just at the right time. Problem: What if you require […]

How to create A/B test for your notifications and lead forms?

What is A/B test? Sometimes back I just read a question from a website owner that although he is getting some traction on his site but he is not getting any leads from the contact us form. What could be the reason? There could be 100’s of reasons like may be he is bringing junk or irrelevant traffic or site content is too complicated or could be anything. But, then how one should know what is the problem? The point […]

How to integrate your CRM in Connecto to collect more leads directly?

Connecto lead forms are a technological enhancement over your current website forms making it smarter for lead generation than you could ever imagine. In a lead based business like travel, insurance, real estate, etc., it is pretty important to generate quality leads from any possible source. This not only reduces the ads costing for you but also the call center costing. More Leads, Better Leads Generally, the idea to get more leads is to get more and more traffic on […]

How to create embeddable widgets using Connecto

In this article, we will be learning about creating embeddable widgets using Connecto’s admin panel. The difference between creating an embeddable widget or a floating one is that in case of embedded widgets you will have to define the “slot” where the widget has to be placed. Actually, slot is the place inside your webpage where you would want to embed the widget. You may want to go through this article on benefits and some use cases of embeddable widgets. Without wasting […]

Email Subscriptions – How to Integrate MailChimp in Connecto?

Connecto help you to collect more and better leads from your website. Dynamic and personalized Connecto forms get more attention than any static forms on your website. Engaged and interested visitor will never abandon your website without giving a little knowledge about themselves. Connecto also provide direct CRM/API Hook integration for your leads collected via Connecto forms on your website. You can integrate MailChimp in Connecto in just 2 mintues without any technical team involvement. MailChimp is now one of […]

How to Integrate ZOHO CRM for Leads via Connecto Forms?

Connecto is a lead generation tool which helps your website to generate more and quality leads from your site traffic. Not only Connecto enhances the number and quality of leads, it gives you the opportunity to directly integrate your CRM. How to integrate ZOHO CRM? We have a huge customer base who uses ZOHO CRM for their lead management. Hence, we figured out a way to directly push the leads in their CRM. Our system provides you the functionality to […]

Dynamic Variables,Data Layer, Segment Result – How to customize your notification by dynamic content

This is in follow up to our article on custom variables targeting which lets you target notifications by any rules or logic defined within your notifications. Problem: What if you want to populate the content within your notification by the custom variable present on the page. A common use case that arises is if you know the user’s name and in your notification, you want to greet him by that name. How do you do that with Connecto ? Solution: To […]

Getting Started With Browser Notifications

Instructions on how to get started with HTML5 notifications – online and offline. Includes specific instructions for Chrome Push notifications.