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Upload ConnectoIds For required Formula

In this blog we will walk you through how to upload connectoIds for required formulas. You created some formula in your site and also you know connectoIds which are qualified in that formula but you want to know user actions(here actions means how many times user visited a particular page or how many times user qualified the particular url..etc based on your formula created.) in that formula then you can use upload connectoIds to get those data. In this you […]

How to make Connecto work with Angular based web app?

What it does: Lets you integrate connecto into an angularjs based web app. Our original snippet can be used with small changes to work in Angular, the reason why connecto doesn’t work in angular is, The snippet only makes a call to the server once and whatever is the state of the page, determines the notifications returned. In Angular, page is loaded only once and the rest of the changes are ajax or local Js driver. In order to fix […]

Setting event based tags using Connecto’s Identify Call

Connecto’s Identify Call Our identify call is a simple function to identify a user and attach any describable properties to his profile. These properties can be tags or any string objects that can be sent in JSON format. syntax: connecto.identify(userId, tags); example: _connecto.identify(‘ABCD1234′, {‘type’:’engineering’}); What it does Identify calls are simple JS calls and can be placed anywhere in your client side code (as long as connecto is snippet is present on the page). This could be on completion of any event X […]

Moving notifications between websites in an account

What it does Allows you to move a notification listed in a website A to a website B in the same user account How to do Assuming you have a notification listed in one of the websites in your registered account, and you have another website mapped in your account. Then, Follow these steps to move the notification to the second website: 1.Select the notification that you want to move from list and hit edit. 2.Go to Advanced options>>others options>>select […]

How to use ‘User List targeting’ in Connecto

What it does: Lets you target a notification to a uploaded list of users. These users have to be registered users with a unique id that is sent to Connecto as a custom variable. How to set up: 1. Once you ensure the unique user id is being sent to Connecto as custom variable, put all alphanumeric user ids in a text file as adjacent comma separated values without space. 2. Go to Settings tab in Admin -> user list […]

Concluding and Deleting A/B tests

Once you’re done running a split test, it’s very straightforward to analyse, conclude and thereafter delete the A/B test: Generally, out of two or more variants in an A/B test, you’d want to pick one and deactivate the other notifications. Just hit ‘Edit’ on the A/B test in consideration from the A/B test tab from admin   Hit ‘Remove A/B test’ Check all the notifications you want to keep running and hit the red button saying “Mark unselected inactive and […]

Setting third party callbacks/tracking on Connecto notifs

What it does Allows you to set up a script that can be called whenever a notification is clicked/submitted. This could be a third party tracking script like Adwords/Google Analytics or maybe a script to trigger subsequent operation after a specific click/submit is done. How to set up After selecting a template and customising basics – position, height/width, message etc, go to advanced options -> Other Options Look for ‘Callback after Click’ and place the script you want to run […]

Use Extra CSS to modify how Connecto notifications look

What it does Sometimes a particular template might not have all the things you might want to show in your notification, like a specific arrangement of elements, a different close button and any such modified theme elements. Connecto lets you add your own CSS to notifications which overrides the template CSS. Hence you can modify any of our templates to meet almost any visual/design requirements. How to set up: Create a notification by selecting a fitting template, configure position, height/width, […]

Add extra JS to augment Connecto notifications

What is does Lets you enhance notifications by putting JS in templates. Theme elements can be made to interact and adapt to your site and much more. How to set up Create a notification by selecting a fitting template, configure position, height/width, message, form fields etc. In Visuals itself, go to Advanced Options -> Other options, Find the ‘Extra JS’ field and add your JS. Set up any other targeting and save. Example Let’s say you want to trigger a […]

How to launch a notification (currently live on website) on mobile website as well

Once you create a notification on desktop website, follow the following steps:   1. Clone the notification   2. Change dimensions of the notification so that it looks good on mobile site. This can be done by changing width and height of the notification on visuals screen.     3. On Visuals Screen, go to Advanced Options>>Other Options>>Website(Drop-down)>>Choose mobile website.   4. Change targeting if needed.   5. Save   To launch a notification exclusively on the mobile website, you […]