How to open a widget on API call

You can open any Connecto widget when the user clicks on a button on your website. For this you will need to make a JS call on button click at your end.

Here is a step by step guide to do this:

1. Login to your Connecto account

2. While creating the notification, go to  Visuals Screen>>Advanced options>>Close & minimize section>>Close or minimize – choose Open only with API call.


3. Save the notification

4. Edit the notification to note the notification ID (32 character long ID like this – 567294de1760f47268487391) that comes in the URL while editing the notification


5. Make this JS call on button click:


Once this is done, the concerned will appear only when a user clicks on the button where JS call is made.

If you face any issues while configuring this, please drop a mail at support@connecto.io

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