Setting event based tags using Connecto’s Identify Call

Connecto’s Identify Call

Our identify call is a simple function to identify a user and attach any describable properties to his profile. These properties can be tags or any string objects that can be sent in JSON format.

syntax: connecto.identify(userId, tags);

example: _connecto.identify(‘ABCD1234′, {‘type’:’engineering’});

What it does

Identify calls are simple JS calls and can be placed anywhere in your client side code (as long as connecto is snippet is present on the page). This could be on completion of any event X on your website, or just on page load. So whenever users do the event X, they can be identified and tagged to enable audience segmentation for sending personalized communication (like browser push notifications) to target user segments.

How to set up

1. Once you’ve identified a user event X, place our Identify Call in the JS function that triggers that event. e.g a button click, or page load

2. In the identify call place the User ID variable and tags which should be assigned to the corresponding user. e.g. _connecto.identify(‘UserId’, {‘type’:’high value lead’})

That’s it. Now whenever event X (the specific button click in this case) happens, these tags will be assigned to the user in Connecto’s system and the user will be shortlisted whenever any of these tags are selected for segmentation.


An auto portal wants to segment users on basis of what brands of cars people want to buy. Segmentation should be done when people check dealer details for cars and not on just browsing. There’s a ‘Get Dealer Details’ button on every detail page which users hit to get to dealers.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 2.39.24 pm

For each browsing user, Connecto already has an anonymous ID assigned to each user (accessible via _connecto.getIdentity()), or additionally the auto portal uses Email as the user id. The portal also keeps a record of what brand the car is in a variable ‘oemname’. So we just need to place the below Connecto’s Identify Call in the ‘On Click’ function used on their site pages:

_connecto.identify(_connecto.getIdentity(), {‘brand’:’oemname’})  or, _connecto.identify(Email,{‘brand’:’oemname’})

This call, in the case above, will put a tag “Audi” on the user “amit@gifh.com”. In business sense, the portal will be able to tag all browsing users w.r.t what brands they want and can use this segmentation to send personalized Browser Notifications whenever a new deal of the same brand is available next which might speed-up sales.

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