Getting Started (Connecto 1.0)

How to make Connecto work with Angular based web app?

What it does: Lets you integrate connecto into an angularjs based web app. Our original snippet can be used with small changes to work in Angular, the reason why connecto doesn’t work in angular is, The snippet only makes a call to the server once and whatever is the state of the page, determines the notifications returned. In Angular, page is loaded only once and the rest of the changes are ajax or local Js driver. In order to fix […]

Connecto WordPress Plugin – Integration Made Easy

As per Builtwith, 15% of top one million websites use WordPress. And if you’re one of those awesome people who are using WordPress but are also looking to improve user engagement and conversions on your website, look no further. Connecto’s wordpress plugin can help you integrate Connecto with your website with just a few clicks. And once you have Connecto integrated on your website, you can use awesome power of Connecto via admin. What it does? To use the powerful […]

How Connecto Works?

Connecto is an add-on tool to your website which helps you to improve visitors engagement and hence conversions from your on site traffic. It can be very simply integrated to your site in just 5 minutes. A process diagram below shows how Connecto can be integrated to your site: The details of every step is as follows: 1. Create an Account – Simply go to registration page and enter your websites details, activate your account and done! Else, simply ask us […]

How to Sign Up and Integrate Connecto on Your Website

1. Open www.connecto.io in your browser 2. Click on the sign up button and fill the sign up form 3. You will receive an email with Connecto’s JS Snippet and a video explaining how to launch Connecto’s widgets on your website. 4. Integrate Connecto on your website 4.1 For WordPress Users – Connecto has a WordPress Plugin. To know how to integrate it, please go through this article. It explains WordPress integration on your site step by step with screenshots. […]