Simple widgets to personalise your website

Get visitor details, promote targeted offers and reduce bounce rate in easy steps; no code involved

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Quick and Easy Leaps for Your Business

  • Get More Quality Leads

    Set up personlised forms to show up at right place, right time

    Pick from our numerous templates and customise within few clicks

    Show specific forms with right message to different users with advanced targeting

    Increase website leads by up to 30% with increased relevance

  • Promote Targeted Offers

    Increase visibility of best deals with smart, dynamic banners

    Personalise with best sales pitch for relevant users to drive conversions

    Iterate for effectiveness with A/B testing and Goal tracking

  • Increase Website Engagement

    Exit Intent widgets, A/B testing and custom integrations to boost sales

    Reduce bounce rate with exit intent and referral targeting

    CRM integration with all popular platforms

    Monetize embedded forms and youtube videos to get leads

How it Works

  • Register

    Register your website from the signup page.

    Check your email for demo video and integration JS.

    Repeat emails/websites are not allowed. Reach out to us for help.

  • Integrate Connecto to your site

    Go to your email inbox or in Connecto's settings tab after login and copy the integration JS. Paste it in body/footer of your site pages just like google analytics pixel.

    Wordpress sites can use our plugin API key from settings tab in Connecto.

    If you're stuck refer help or reach out to us .

  • Start creating Widgets

    Go to Create and choose a suitable template from 80+ options spanning forms, banners, bars and embedded widgets.

    Customise postion, look & feel, and messaging within a few clicks.

    Check advanced options to customise further or hit Next

  • Add targeting rules

    Target your widget to specific user actions, urls or user attributes like device, referral, location or custom variables.

    Check advanced options in each category for more

  • Review, Analyse and Optimise

    Rename your widget to something sensible, check all settings on the right and make changes if needed before you Launch.

    Check out List or Dashboard for engagement stats

Hundreds of Happy Customers

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    enganged visitors
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Get More Quality Leads
Reduce Your Visitors Bounce Rate
Promote Targeted Offers
Reduce Your Visitors Bounce Rate
Increase Website Engagement
Reduce Your Visitors Bounce Rate
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