Understanding Basics

Who is a user?
Anyone who visits your application or website and engages with it is a user.

What are events?
Events are the user actions on your application or website.

Why should I track events?
Tracking user actions on your website gives you important insights about your business and helps you take informed decisions/actions to meet your business goals. By understanding how the users are engaging with your product, you can design an appropriate growth strategy.

What kind of events should be tracked?
Instead of tracking all the user actions on your website, we recommend tracking only meaningful, relevant and actionable metric that will help meet your business goals.

At first it might look difficult to you to choose events that should be tracked. You can simplify the process of choosing by asking yourself a few questions:

  1. What is my aim of bringing users on my website – suppose you run an ecommerce store selling women wear. Your end goal would be to make the users complete their purchase.
  2. What steps does the user take to reach that goal – The user will not just land on your site and place the order. He will perform some relevant or irrelevant actions before completing the purchase. Let us make a list of relevant and actionable events he/ she will be performing before placing the order:
  1. Browse categories that interest her
  2. Add products to cart
  3. Apply coupon code/ discount if any
  4. Login for placing the order
  5. Place the order

All these events can be tracked. By studying the data collected by tracking these events you will get important insights on how the users are interacting with various brands/ categories of clothing, on which steps in the process the drop off is alarmingly high, how are the users reacting to offers, what is the frequency of a user placing the order again etc.

What is a segment?
A segment is a group of users that satisfies a set of conditions or rules you have created. After segmenting the users into different groups, you can engage with them better by offering more personalized solutions catering to their interest and needs.

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