Notification not showing

Check for one of these errors:

  1. Confirm if Connecto’s JS (the green code in settings tab) is integrated after <body> on your website pages
  2. Check network calls (Right click -> Inspect Element – > Network). See if Connecto JS is able to make a call to server.connecto.io
  3. Given the notification you’re trying to see is active, recheck all visual settings (time to show again after once closed etc), targeting (URLs, Devices, location, client side variables etc). Remove all targeting and see if it’s visible -> If yes, set up targeting one by one and see what’s causing the problem.
  4. Check Custom Variables, Groups (A/B tests), these might not be configured right and can cause your notification be not show. 
  5. Notification conflicts: see if there’s another notification configured in the same slot. if yes, set priority for whichever you want to see first.
  6. Adblock or any JS errors on page: Check (from Developer tools) if there are any JS errors on your page stopping notifications or if any third party services like AdBlock are tampering with notifications.
  7. Reach out to us if nothing works 🙂
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