June 12, 2015 · Chrome Push Notification

Send Chrome Push Notifications via Connecto

You might have heard about mobile push notifications where you can send notifications to users who have installed your app. Ever wondered if same can be done for web and mobile-web? Well, it can be now!

Now that Chrome has provided support for push notifications on web and android, Connecto enables you to show Chrome push notifications to the user when he is on some other tab or even when your website is not open on his laptop/ desktop. The same holds true for mobile web as well.

How will this happen?

When a user visits your website and is sufficiently engaged, you will have to ask for his permission to send him notifications. Once he allows, he could be sent updates when he is on some other tab or has not even opened your website on the desktop.

On Android device, the updates will look exactly like the regular app updates and the best part is that these can be sent even when Chrome is not active on the device. This is a great feature for people who aspire to build apps just to take advantage of the notifications.

On one hand, this will expand the reach of businesses enormously but on the other hand it also demands a responsible attitude from the marketers to not spoil user experience on web by bombarding/ spamming the users with notifications.

Excited to use chrome push notifications on your website or interested in knowing more? Just drop a mail at support@connecto.io and we will be happy to get you started!

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