August 15, 2014 · Lead Generation Targeted Offers

Scroll Based Targeting and How you can use it to improve conversions

When a visitor is interested in your product or content, he usually scrolls the page to know more. Such engaged visitors can be easily converted to leads/sales by showing them targeted notifications. This is called Scroll Based Targeting.

There are many use cases where users should be shown targeted messages/forms based on page scroll. Some of those are:

1. Subscription/Likes

When a visitor has scrolled 60-70% of page, we can show him a bottom bar notification asking him to subscribe to our weekly/monthly newsletter or urging him to like our social media pages.

Subscription/Like Bottom Bar on Scroll

2.Targeted offers

Based on the category the visitor is browsing, we can show him a notification on bottom left or bottom right with category specific offers once he has scrolled down to 80% of the page.

Targeted Offers on Scroll

3. Testimonials

Testimonials of users/customers can be shown when one approaches the end of the home page.

Testimonials on Scroll

4. Recommendations

Based on the kind of articles/products a person is surfing on the blog/website, we can show him a bottom left or a bottom right notification with link to similar articles or products after he has gone through 80-90% of page.

Recommendations on Scroll

5. Survey

After a person has read the content or scrolled down the product page, he can be asked to take a brief survey with questions like "Did you find the content useful?" or "Would you recommend this product to anyone?".

Survey - Net Promoter Score - on Scroll

6. Lead Generation

For websites interested in lead generation, a "Need Help?" or "Request a Callback" form asking for contact details of the visitor can be shown when he has scrolled 75% of page.

Request a Callback form on Scroll

You can launch all these notifications and much more using Connecto. Reach Out to Us for any queries.

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