September 3, 2014 · Getting Started

Notification & Targeting Variables

While creating notifications from Connecto’s admin panel, we come across various notification variables on the “Template Settings Page” and basic targeting features on “Targeting Page”. Let us understand what do they mean and how and when to use them.

This is how a "Template Setting Page" will look on your dashboard.

Notification Variables
Active Button Yes, if a notification is active and no if it is inactive.While replacing an older notification with a new one, it is advisable to make the older notification inactive instead of deleting it.
Title This field is for your internal use only and is visible on your dashboard. It helps you to identify the notification when there are plenty of those. Also, a meaningful name helps you easily pick notification from a list.
Position This is to decide the position of the notification on the page where it has to be shown. In case of bars, it has to be either top (shown at the top of the page) or bottom (shown at the end of the page). For widgets, it could be bottom left, bottom right, bottom center, top left, top right, top center, left center, right center or splash center. Splash center is widely used for exit intent and flash notifications.
Close Behaviour There are three ways to close a notification
1. Close- Notification will appear as open on targeted page with a cross button. If you want to close it, click the close button.
2. Minimize & Start Opened - The notification will appear as open on targeted page with a minimize button. If you don’t want to see it, minimize it. You can always reopen it when you feel like, by clicking on the minimize arrow.
3. Minimize & Start Closed - The notification won’t appear on targeted page, instead a minimize arrow will be seen, on clicking which the notification will appear. It can always be minimized when you don’t want to see it.
Height Refers to the height of the notification in Pixel. Write a number without unit i.e for bars write 30 or 40 not 30px or 40px.
Width Refers to the width of the notification in Pixel. Write a number without unit, same as in case of height.
Animate Direction The direction from which notification will appear on the page i.e. when the page opens and notification slides in from left/right side, animate direction is horizontal. Similarly, when it lands from top/bottom of the page (in case of bars), animate direction is vertical.
Open link in new tab button Yes - If your notification has a CTA (call to action) button, on clicking which the user is directed to a new page that opens in a new tab.
No - If you don’t wish to open the new page in a new tab, instead the new page opens in the existing tab.

By using basic targeting you can decide when and where to show your notification. It can be studied in two heads -
a)User Behaviour Targeting
b)Page Level Targeting.

This is how a "Basic targeting Page" will look on your dashboard.

a)User Behaviour Targeting

User Behaviour Targeting Variables
Use as exit intent Exit Intent is a notification we show when the user is about to leave. His intent to leave is known when he moves his cursor to close the window. You can read more about it in our blog. Normally, we don’t use bars as exit intent.
Show notification after -- seconds The time it waits before showing notification on your page after your page has loaded. Zero/blank means notification is immediately shown after page load. Notification can be shown to the user after he has spent some time on the page/website.
Show when a user has scrolled -- % of the page Scroll based targeting could be done to convert engaged users to leads. You can read more about it in our blog. It represents percent of document scrolled through when the notification should be triggered. Zero/blank means notification is shown regardless of scroll. If this field is set, the delay field above will be ignored..
If no action, automatically close notification after -- seconds If user is taking no action on the notification, it should close automatically after x seconds. Zero/blank means the notification will not close automatically.
If clicked/closed notification, don’t show it to user for x minutes. If a notification is clicked or closed it shouldn’t be shown to the user for x minutes. By default (if you don’t write anything) we keep it 240 minutes (4hrs.). Zero/blank means notification is shown irrespective of previous action taken by the user.

b)Page Level Targeting

It is done to show the notification on desired page/pages. While targeting here, you have to write the part of url after

If you have many notifications running on your website, you can show specific notifications on specific pages by page level targeting.

Let’s take a few examples for better understanding.

  1. URL of Connecto’s pricing page is [].
    If I want to show my notification on Connecto’s pricing page. I will target it as
  2. Starts With - connecto/pricing/ (part of url after

  3. If you wish to show your notification on all the pages having some particular word, you can target it as - contains “word”
    For eg, If i wish to show my notification on all pages containing the word “engineering” on this website, i will target it as - Contains - engineering.
    The notification will show on all pages containing the word “engineering”. Hence, It will show up on all of these links - etc.

  4. Suppose you want to show your notification on all pages containing “engineering” except one, what will you do?
    You will just have to add one more field AND - Is not - “url of page where you don’t want to show notification”. Remember to write only the part of url after
    In example 2, if we don’t want to display notification on last url the condition will be -
    Contains - engineering
    Is not - engineering/study-material/bitsat

  5. If you leave the page level targeting blank, notification will appear on all the pages of website.


When you add more than one conditions in targeting using AND, the notification will be displayed only when all of those conditions are true.

When you add more than one condition in targeting using OR, the notification will be displayed when any one of those is true.

Initially, you may face problems in targeting. Feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to help!

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