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How to Integrate ZOHO CRM for Leads via Connecto Forms?

Connecto is a lead generation tool which helps your website to generate more and quality leads from your site traffic. Not only Connecto enhances the number and quality of leads, it gives you the opportunity to directly integrate your CRM.

How to integrate ZOHO CRM?

We have a huge customer base who uses ZOHO CRM for their lead management. Hence, we figured out a way to directly push the leads in their CRM. Our system provides you the functionality to directly integrate ZOHO CRM into your account. Once the integration is done, we push all the leads via Connecto forms to their ZOHO CRM. The integration requires only 2 minutes of your time. Steps for integrating ZOHO:

Once you provide us all the details, please click the submit button to save ZOHO CRM in your profile and all your leads will be pushed to your ZOHO CRM. In case of any issues, you can always mail us at

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