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How to generate more leads for Real Estate businesses?

Real Estate is one of the few business where direct conversion is absolutely impossible. What I meant here by direct conversion is making transactions directly from site just like E-commerce. The main problem with Real Estate industry is with the ticket size. It is common to have ticket sizes like $700-750 k in US and 1-3 cr in metro cities in India. It is a huge deal and an average person does it once in a lifetime. Since it is such a big decision with loads of investment, obviously it can not happen in a day. It is not same as buying shoes or dresses. Hence, a common process for real estate industries is to generate leads, nurture them over a time period of 3 months to 3 years and finally convert them. With such high ticket sizes and margins, the nurturing also does not hurt the businesses.

Almost all real estate businesses have websites which is also a source to generate a fair amount of business. They have a descriptive landing pages or microsites for each of the projects. Now, the question comes to generating leads from the sites. All of them must have a static lead form on almost every pages. But, is it sufficient to cover all the visitors on your site? The answer is no. Every visitor on your site is different in terms of purpose, budget, location, etc. What static lead forms do is that they just hang in there and it’s your visitors responsibility that after doing all the research on your site, they should locate the form and fill it up. But, as you can imagine this reduces the chances of filling the form a lot. You need to be more proactive and you should try to understand your visitor and depending upon their need, you should show them personalized messaging for lead forms just like any other salesperson.

Connecto helps you to generate more leads proactively from your site/landing pages traffic. Connecto gives you an opportunity to target carefully the interested visitors base in real time. On one hand, we make sure that no interested person leaves the site without leaving their contact details while on another hand our targeted forms help you not to intrigue visitors.

Using Connecto for Real Estate Landing Pages and Sites:

1. Exit Intent :

Sometimes, visitors get a little engaged reading in your project but then something comes up and they do not fill the form on landing page. Our exit intent lead forms allow you to ask a leaving user (who is about to close your landing page or click the cross button) once more about the details. If by any chance they missed the form on landing page, they can fill it just before exit. This is a proven fact with many of our customers and it helped websites to reduce their bounce rates by 7-10% which is huge deal for real estate industry.

2. Proactive and Targeted Lead Forms:

By understanding the user behaviour, Connecto shows the personalized lead forms to each visitor. For example, if someone has spent more than 2 minutes or scroll down through a particular property page, we can ask them to fill a form by showing a message specific to that property. Also, people coming from good, fb ads or SEO/SEM can be shown different messaging.

3. Video Forms :

Many real estate sites have a video for the property. We can help you in monetizing the video by showing a lead form at the end of the video.

4. Embedded Forms :

You can use Connecto’s form instead of your own forms. The reason being, Connecto forms give you enhanced data related to each submission. The data includes referer, time spent, pages viewed etc. We are also building a lead scoring system which will give you some score for every lead and based on the scores you can prioritize your calling list.

5. Tap to Call for Mobile:

If you have some traffic coming on your mobile site, this feature is must to have. We show a widget to engaged user which says “Tap to Call” and by tapping on that, it will directly paste the phone number on numpad of phone. It makes the calling much more easier for visitor. You can also decide the timings like show this widget only for time 9am-5pm.

There is much more you can do with Connecto. Try us for free here!

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