August 5, 2014 · e-Commerce New Feature Releases Connecto Feature

Exit Intent Technology - Reduce Your Visitor Bounce Rate

For any business website, there is always a small chunk of visitors who are just at the verge of conversion and a little push may convert them into a customer. When you do not target any of these visitors, you are loosing all the traffic which in turns increases your customer acquisition cost. By using some targeted notification you can stop those visitors to completely abandon your site. You can get another chance to convert a visitor into a customer.

Exit intent technology is one of the strongest proposition in this area. Exit intent technology is based on mouse movement analysis which identifies when your visitor is about to close the tab/window. It triggers an event based on intent of user. It could be useful for any business website interested in ecomm or lead generation.

Use Case for E-commerce

With ecomm, depending upon your visitor’s need you can show them smart notifications which makes them rethink about your product. This smart message could be a discount offer or a redirect to one of your important pages.

Use case for B2B sites

For websites interested in lead generation, you can ask for phone numbers or emails to contact them in future to better understand their needs because the information available on your site may not be sufficient.

Connecto’s exit intent feature helped some of the customer’s websites to reduce their bounce rate by 7-8% which is tremendous.

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