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Connecto Visual Optimization Report Tool

Website design and layout is an important parameter when it comes to conversion. It is important that all your links are loud, clear and accessible to visitor. You can now try Connecto Optimization Reports which will give you a complete picturization on how your links should be placed and what should be their contrast to enhance user experience. In addition to that, we also analyze your site metadata and tell you what is missing from your page and how you can improve upon that.

From Connecto’s report, you can analyze:

How dense are your links ? Are users able to clearly differentiate them?

Links on a website should be somewhat sparse (exceptions being footer links). Proper padding around links helps visitors discern links better and invite them to click them hence making the site more engaging.
In the image below, link density map has been shown. If distance between two links are optimum, you will find a nearly green box around them. However, if it is not optimum it will be marked in red.

Is the color contrast of your links sufficient ? Are users finding it difficult to read them.

Visual Contrast
W3 has set some benchmarks for visual contrast of links. The general guideline is to have a contrast ratio of 4.5:1, except in some cases like large text where a contrast ratio of 3:1 is acceptable.
In the image below, we have marked the contrast ratio of each link. If this number is below 4.5, you should try changing the color pallette since your users may be finding it difficult to read these links.

We also analyze both link density and link contrast for mobile sites.


Metadata are evaluated by search engines to decide the relevance of a webpage and is displayed in search results by search engines. The analyzed metadata will help you to improve your SEO rank. We analyze metadata title, description and keywords length and report if they do not have optimum length.

External JS

Our tool also analyze and report all the external JS used by your site.

Our team is working to help you improve your website engagement. We will keep on enhancing this report to notify you for the optimum changes on your site for more engagement and conversion. Many more to come…

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