August 6, 2014 · Google Analytics Engineering Zoho SalesForce MailChimp

Connecto Integrates with Google Analytics, Zoho, SalesForce, MailChimp and more


With Connecto you get out of the box integration with Google Analytics. Every view, click, submission or close is logged of a Connecto notification is logged as an event in Google Analytics and you can view it in your Google Analytics account by going to

Behavior -> Events -> Top Events

You can then further segment this data by all the dimensions Google Analytics provides. For e.g. to see the traffic sources of all your notification clicks, you can

  1. Switch the events view tab to "Event Action".

  2. Click on the "Secondary Dimension" drop down and choose "Acquisition" -> "Source / Medium".


Connecto provides you with lead management solution. Of course, we understand if you are already using a CRM solution and just need Connecto to increase conversion rate on your website. We will make sure that all leads submitted via Connecto are securely submitted to your CRM via its API and you won't need to make any changes in your process.

If you are using Zoho or Salesforce, just provide us an API key via our admin and you are done! All your leads will be securely submitted to your respective CRM.

Mail Engines

A lot of our customers collect emails for Newsletter subscriptions and lead nurturing. Connecto provides an easy integration with MailChimp which allows you to submit all your email data in real time to MailChimp. Once in MailChimp you can easily manage your email lists.

Is there an Analytics Engine, CRM, Mail Engine you would like Connecto to integrate with ? We would love to hear from you. Drop us an email at and we will do the needful.

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