October 16, 2014 · Lead Generation Connecto Feature widgets Exit Intent Increase Conversion Reduce bounce rate

7 Awesome Exit Intent Widgets To Reduce Bounce Rate And Increase Conversion

Exit intent technology gives businesses another chance to convert abandoning user to a customer or lead. All businesses whether sales focused or lead focused, use exit intent technology to reduce their bounce rate, increase conversions and to capture leads. Studies have proved that showing relevant message on exit intent reduces bounce rate by about 25%, which is huge!

In this technology, the intent of the user to leave is identified by studying mouse movement and user behavior on real time basis. When user moves the cursor to close the tab or to open a new tab, a pop up message or lead form with compelling message is shown to stop the user from exiting. He could be offered some discount or surprise gift with his order or he could be asked to drop his contact details to get something free. Those users who leave their contact details, if nurtured properly, can be converted to loyal customers later.

In case of e commerce websites, compelling discounts are offered to users abandoning the cart. Using exit intent on cart has shown to reduce cart dropout rates by 7-10%. For leadgen businesses, it provides another chance to collect contact information by showing an attractive customized message. User can also be asked to subscribe for regular updates and exclusive offers when he is about to leave. This user can later be converted to customer by offering him something useful.

Connecto provides a number of awesome exit intent widgets to its users. Numerous use cases can be made by customizing the message and creatives based on the industry, product offering and the action you want the user to take. Here i am describing seven awesome Connecto widgets which when used on exit intent increase your conversions dramatically!

1. Splash Center Lead Form With Image

There are two variants of this widget -

a) Lead form on right and image on left
b) Lead form on left and image on right

Here, the widget is shown when the user abandons the cart. He is offered extra 10% discount to place his order.

Here, a travel website is trying to retain the user by offering him free personalized recommendation from travel advisors.

2. Vanilla Theme

This one is from a site offering deals and coupons for shopping. Aim is to get the leaving user to subscribe.

Here the user is given an alternative value proposition which is different from what is given in the site but is related to the business.

3. Sign Up Tag Theme

This theme gives you a chance to precisely explain to the users why they should sign up or subscribe to your newsletter.

4. Bold Center Lead Form

You can also ask the user the reason for leaving. There is a very high probability that he didn’t get what he was looking for. If he drops his contact details, he must be contacted and nurtured properly.

5. Lead Form Over Background Image

Many websites design banners for offers they run. These banners with exclusive offers could be shown to the abandoning user. Using this theme a lead form could be integrated inside the banner to collect contact details of the user at the same time.

6. Three Line Message Without CTA

It could be used to show offers and discounts. You can also use this theme for announcements regarding events, upcoming sale etc.

7. Three Line Message With CTA

This is also used to show an announcement or to show offer, discounts etc. It is different from the above theme in the fact that it is coupled with a CTA (call to action) button which empowers the user to take action on the message shown.

These are only a few of the wonderful widgets we offer to our customers. If you want to play around with our widgets simply sign in and start exploring for FREE during your one month free trial period!

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