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8 Widgets To Generate More Leads For Healthcare Websites

Healthcare is a lead focused domain. The aim of having websites here is to extend their reach round the globe and collect quality leads/prospects that can be later converted to sales.

Connecto offers several widgets that make the website all the more interactive and propel lead generation. It provides a means to the visitors to get in touch with the marketer, satisfy their queries and then take a well - thought decision. On the other hand, it gives the marketer a chance to understand the visitor’s requirement and offer him services as per his need. Trust established during this interaction decides the future course of action for the visitor. Here, lead nurturing plays a vital role. Of the numerous widgets we have, let us go through the few best performing ones.

1. Exit Intent

Exit intent technology gives the marketer an extra chance to convert a leaving visitor into a lead without being intrusive. The visitor can be asked for a lead in lieu of an exciting offer like a free consultation. Alternatively, he can be asked the reason for leaving and encouraged to drop his details so that you can get in touch and offer services to meet his requirements.

Exit intent has proved to reduce the bounce rate by up to 10% for lead gen businesses, which is huge!

2. Show Lead Form When The User Session Exceeds 2-3 Pages

If the visitor has gone through 2-3 pages of your website, there is a very high probability that he is looking for something and is interested in availing your services.

Since he looks interested, you must show him a lead form asking him to take some action like - Book an appointment, Request a free demo etc.

3. Bar to collect lead on scroll

Bars are known to be the most non - intrusive. They can be effectively used to collect emails to build a mailing list for campaigns.

When the visitor has scrolled down 40-50% of the page he can be shown a top or a bottom bar and encouraged to fill his contact details by showing him a lucrative offer like free access to premium content or free registration for a webinar etc.

In our experience, the fill rate for a top bar is higher than the bottom one.

4. Ask Visitor To Request A Callback From You After He Has Spent Some Time On Your Site

The user may want to talk to you to understand if you would be able to meet his requirements efficiently. Asking him to drop his phone number so that you can get in touch to answer all his queries after he has spent some time on your site gives the user a chance to interact and take an informed decision.

5. Feedback Widget

Collecting user feedback is must for every business. It gives a direction to your strategies, drives your business in right direction, points your flaws and if responded properly, makes the user feel heard and cared.

Connecto’s feedback widget is very non intrusive as it remains pasted on the right center of the page and appears fully only when the user clicks on it. Have a look at the screenshots below to understand it better.

6.Floating Testimonials

Apart from establishing credibility, testimonials on the site also reduce fears, doubts in the prospect’s subconscious. Floating testimonials have more visibility and grab more attention than the static ones on the website.

Showing testimonial of a physiotherapy patient on oncology section would be worthless while showing it on the physiotherapy page will serve the purpose. Similarly, testimonial of a cancer patient should be shown on oncology page. Basically, different and relevant testimonials should be shown on the different pages of the website.

7.Tap To Call Widget For Mobile

With the expanding reach of smart phones, mobile traffic on sites has increased by leaps and bounds. To tap the potential of this traffic, Connecto has launched widgets for mobile as well. The most awesome among them is tap to call widget.

It can be shown on any page of your mobile site. When the user clicks on it, your customer care number will be automatically copied to the dialer, making it easy for the user to call. In short, you will be just a click away from the prospect!

8.Lead Form For Mobile

This is another widget in series of our mobile widgets and is used to collect the contact details of the user after he has spent some time on your mobile site and looks interested in your service. Such a user can be asked to book an appointment or to request a callback.

Not all the widgets should be used at the same time. You should choose 3-4 widgets and target them accordingly (based on user behaviour, user session, geolocation, page of the website etc.) for best results.

If the user has filled the lead once, he shouldn’t be shown other lead forms. Also, you should run A/B tests to find the best performing lead forms and go ahead with them.

All this and much more is possible via Connecto. To know how Connecto can add value to your business, feel free to reach out to us.

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