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5 Must Have Widgets For Mobile Lead Generation

Nowadays the market is flooded with smartphones, tablets etc. Unlike older times when people used only desktop/laptop for researching or purchasing, today, they use several devices to get things done. According to a Google report, 90% of online users utilize multiple screens sequentially to accomplish a task over time.

Because of easier access while on the move, mobile traffic has increased by leaps and bounds in recent past. According to a report, 15% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices (Source: KPBC internet trends 2013). Studies have shown a gradual increase in mobile traffic over the time. Simultaneously, desktop traffic is decreasing. Hence, mobile is expected to surpass desktop ROI in a couple of years. Therefore, it is imperative that we understand the need to engage and convert our mobile traffic.

Recognizing this, Connecto has launched widgets for mobile as well. Below are some of our kick ass widgets to help you generate more leads from your mobile traffic.

1. Tap To Call Widget

This awesome widget allows the user to call you just by a click. When he clicks on it, your customer support number is automatically copied to the dialer making it easy for the user to call. Some websites do have a clickable phone link but our widget is more visible than the static link on the website. Also, using Connecto’s smart targeting options all our widgets can be shown on specific pages, on scroll, at specific time, to select users, to users on specific devices, to users from specific cities/countries etc. Targeting can also be done based on user session and behaviour.

We have observed 3-11% click throughs for this widget when tried out on our customer’s mobile site.

2. Side Lead Form

When the user has spent some time on your site and looks interested in your services, you can ask for a lead. A lead form can be shown after 30 sec or on 50% scroll. You may ask the user to drop his contact details so that you can call him back or help him find suitable product/service.

We have observed 8 -14 % fill rate for mobile lead forms. Care should be taken to not ask for too much information. If you need mail, ask for it only don’t pester the user unnecessarily by asking his name and phone number.

3. Mobile Compatible Messaging Bar With Optional CTA

Bars are known to be the most non-intrusive widget to get your message across your users. You can make some important announcement and redirect the user to some other page using this or can alternatively encourage the user to take some action based on the message.

Our customers have been using this widely to make the people download their mobile app and the click through rates here have been surprisingly high - about 8%!

4. Mobile Compatible Bar With Lead Form

This is yet another way to capture lead non-intrusively. Users can be asked to subscribe to your newsletter or can be encouraged to drop their emails in lieu of something freemium when they have scrolled say 50% of the page.

In our experience, the fill rate for this is about 5%.

5. Raw HTML - Exclusively for techies and HTML lovers.

If you are a techie, you would love this widget. If you are a creative creature and want to create your original widget, go ahead and play around. Write some HTML and create as many widgets as you like using Connecto’s display and targeting options. This notification widget enables you to create targeted lead forms or messaging widget (with optional call to action) which are a great way to capture quality leads. It helps marketers to design specific notifications after studying user engagement and browsing behaviour.

We would recommend using 2-3 widgets on different pages with different targeting rules for best results. Since all our widgets are fairly customizable, you can easily make them suit your website’s theme and design. Don’t just bombard your visitors with widgets in an attempt to collect leads, it might frustrate them.

So why lose business? Be proactive in dealing with your mobile traffic and get ahead in the race!

You can sign up and start your one month free trial anytime. For any help/queries feel free to reach out to us.

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