September 14, 2014 · e-Commerce User Experience Website Engagement

5 Things to Check on Your Site - Ecommerce

1. Website Layout

Ecommerce site should have a very simple and directed layout as your visitors may not be very technical. You have to address all types of audience and should serve their needs carefully. Thus, user experience is critical for any ecommerce site. The home page should give some automatic suggestions like “Top Selling Products” or “Newly Added Products”. This could also be smartly managed for various users coming from different sources or keywords search. For example, someone who searched for cameras and landed on our site should be shown the top selling cameras. Also, you should have a way to talk to your customers. This can be done via live chat tools as well but sometimes people feel that’s intrusive and also it has its own manual cost. You can use tools like Connecto, with which you can smartly show discount offers to engaged visitors or redirect visitors to your top selling products. This does not involve any manual labor or any hidden costs. If you are working as multinational company, it will also be useful to have product site customized for different countries which will give visitor a feeling of visiting local store. They will feel more engaged to your site.

Coming to categorization of your products, it is really important at your end to do a good job there. Sometimes, visitors just roam on your site without having any clear thoughts in mind like searching for gifts, etc. At this point, product categorization plays an important role. You should try to choose your category structure based on popularity or alphabetical ordering.

2. Product Search Optimization

Product search is a significantly more important feature for any ecommerce site than any other feature. It is very irritating from user point of view when your product search produces wrong results or no results. Some important points you should take care of while implementing product search:

  1. Should take care of any mis-spells like “caemra - camera”, “micowave - microwave” or plurals like “cameras”
  2. Should implement auto-complete or auto-suggestion
  3. Should try to make it as accurate as possible and test it thoroughly

3. High Quality Product Pages

Your product page is your last opportunity to convince a customer to buy from you. You should work really hard to get it right.

Product Images- The product images are way too important than you think and should be done professionally. It is the first factor visitor takes into account while selecting the product. But, at the same time you should also take into account the page load time. If your images are too big and high resolution, then it will slow your site. You need to keep a balance and try to use optimized and scaled images.
Product Description- You should not give a random or similar description of all your products under same category. It should be fairly relevant and unique, which will help users to decide as well it will help you in SEO.
Product Pricing- The prices should be reasonable because for very high ticket sizes generally there is a sales cycle and not just online transactions.

Another thing is to clearly mention the exact product delivery date. You should not fool your customer with arbit delivery dates as it will definitely going to reduce your repeat visitors number. A lot of E-commerce sites are operating as a marketplace and if you are going to work in the same model, reviews section for product as well as seller is crucial.

4. Checkout Page Optimization

You have done a lot to bring your user on checkout or cart page. Now, you should make some optimizations for your cart page.

  1. You should allow both logged in and non-logged in users to purchase. It should not be compulsory to signup as it is frustrating sometimes.
  2. You should also allow users to login with facebook or google accounts.
  3. Do not ask for too many fields while signup.
  4. If user has already purchased from you once, you should not ask for any details again however the editing options should be clearly visible.
  5. The number of steps while checking out and paying should be made as small as possible.
  6. A relatively new smart strategy for optimizing checkout page or improving conversions is to offer a discount to users who are about to abandon the cart page. With tools like Connecto, you can do such thing on exit intent of a user.

5. Offer Something Freemium

It is usually a feel good factor for a customer if he is getting anything free from your end. From an ecommerce perspective, it is really enticing to offer a free shipping and return to the customer. Sometimes, gift wrapping can also be made free. You can also offer them a discount coupon or points which they can use for shopping next time from your site. These are small things which make your customers happy at the end of shopping and will not have too much monetary impact on your business.

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