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4 Ways to Reduce Cart Drop Off & Increase Ecommerce Conversions

Shopping cart abandonment is a pressing issue for the whole ecom industry globally. According to Wikipedia, cart abandonment rate for online retailers varies between 60% to 80%, with an average of 67.91%. If businesses somehow get to reduce this by even by a small fraction, it will have a huge impact on their revenue.

Connecto helps marketers to identify and engage cart abandoning visitors and trigger action (web notifications, push notifications and email) at the right time to push them further down the purchase funnel.

In this post, I will focus on a few simple but powerful use cases which can help businesses boost their revenue by reducing cart drop off rates drastically.

1. Use Case 1: User is about to leave the shopping cart

Show offer when the user is about to leave the cart using exit intent technology.

If the user has added products in his shopping bag and intends to leave, you can show him exclusive discount on placing the order immediately.

2. Use Case 2: User abandoned the shopping cart and revisits site after one week

If a user who had abandoned the shopping cart a week ago, returns, you should show him personalized time bound offer to make him complete the purchase.

Let us understand this with an example - Jane added some clothes in shopping cart and then decided to leave the site for some reason. She returns after 7 days. When she logs in, greet her with a personalized message “Hey Jane, Good to have you back!”

After a few seconds, show her an exclusive time bound offer on items she had added in the cart and tweak her to complete the purchase “Jane, we have a special coupon for you. Apply ACU007 and get 25% off on items stored in your cart.” Even after all this, if she doesn’t place an order and keeps on browsing the site, you can suggest/recommend her some products based on her past browsing behavior.

3. Use Case 3: User With Cart Value exceeding a particular amount

When the value of products added in shopping cart exceeds a particular amount, the user could be engaged with advice to save money and buy more.

For e.g. Say our imaginary user, Jane has added apparels worth Rs. 839 in her shopping cart, she could be shown the offer she would be eligible to if she spends a few more bucks - tell her that she would get flat 30% off on entire order if the order value exceeds Rs. 1000 or you can tell her that she would be eligible for “4 for 499” offer if her order value exceeds Rs. 850.

4. Use Case 4: User abandoned the shopping cart and the product he added is being sold out fast

For users who abandoned cart for some reason and the product they added is being sold out fast, you can alert them that the product will be soon out of stock. In case the product gets sold out, they could be informed when the item is back in stock.

I have discussed the use cases we have figured out to be working really well for online retailers. You can come up with your own ideas and discover more use cases after analysing user bahavior on your website. Do share your awesome ideas in comments section or you can write to

Happy Converting!

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