Getting Started (Connecto 2.0)

How to make Connecto work with Angular based web app?

What it does: Lets you integrate connecto into an angularjs based web app. Our original snippet can be used with small changes to work in Angular, the reason why connecto doesn’t work in angular is, The snippet only makes a call to the server once and whatever is the state of the page, determines the notifications returned. In Angular, page is loaded only once and the rest of the changes are ajax or local Js driver. In order to fix […]


What are tags Tags are essentially buckets which businesses can drop users into and thereby segment them. In case of automobile portal typical tags could be like “Car Vendor Name”, “Interested Car Type (Hatchback/Sedan)”, “Mileage”, etc. Every user can and will be assigned multiple tags. Tags will also have assignedAt and expiryDate. For e.g. you can say who are they users who have been assigned tag A today. Also with every tag’s definition you can set a default expiry for e.g. […]

Connecto Web Event Tracking and Notifications

Introduction Connecto allows you to personalize your website with notifications based on user’s prior actions. Which means you can actually target the right segments with the right market. For e.g: You can show some discount to a returning user who has not bought before ✔ You can get feedback on the last purchase from a returning user ✔ If a user has tried to take an action multiple times, you can ask him if he needs help ✔ This and a […]

Understanding Basics

Who is a user? Anyone who visits your application or website and engages with it is a user. What are events? Events are the user actions on your application or website. Why should I track events? Tracking user actions on your website gives you important insights about your business and helps you take informed decisions/actions to meet your business goals. By understanding how the users are engaging with your product, you can design an appropriate growth strategy. What kind of […]

Getting Started With Browser Notifications

Instructions on how to get started with HTML5 notifications – online and offline. Includes specific instructions for Chrome Push notifications.

Connecto – Personalization API Specification

This document will provide you the details of each of our APIs.

Getting Started

This document will help you get started with truly personalizing your website or app.