Getting GCM Sender Id and GCM API Key

To be able to send push notifications via Connecto, you will have to register a project with Google Developers Console. Here are steps to get GCM Sender Id and GCM API Key.

Step 1: Create a new project

Go to https://console.developers.google.com/project

Login with your Google Account (please make sure that you are using the right Google Account as this will be the owner of the project).

Click on ‘Create Project’ button on the top left of the page.



You will see the following popup, where you can choose the project name:


Once the project is created, you will be taken to project detail page that looks like


GCM Sender Id is the Project Id shown on this page just above “Project Dashboard”.

Step 2: Enable GCM API

On the project details page, click on APIs & auth > APIs to go to a page like this


Click on “Cloud Messaging for Android” under “Mobile APIs” section, which will take you to following page



Just click on “Enable API” button.

Step 2: Generate GCM API Key

On the project details page, click on APIs & auth > Credentials to go to a page like this



Click on Add Credentials, which opens a dropdown like


Click on API Key that will open a popup like this


Choose Server Key that opens a page like this:


Click on Create, that will show a page like this (which shows the API key). This is the GCM API Key required to be updated in the Connecto Dashboard.




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