Catalog Data Source Format

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If the file format dosen’t matches the template format, then the products won’t be inserted and it will be counted as a failure.

Fields for Automobile category type:

Name Description
vehicle_id* Unique ID for every item
vin Should be exactly 17 characters
brand* Make or Brand
model* Model of the vehicle
variant Model type
year_launched Year of the vehicle launched
transmission* Manual or Automatic
description Free field with limit of 5000 char
exterior_color Color
stock If we have cars of a model in more than 1 qty. User could provide it as 2blue, 3black, etc
comparable_auto Cars that are are people looking to compare
user_rating Rating provided b the user. Out of 5
images <imageURL><imageTag>, <image2URL><imageTag2>,…
mileage_value Numerical value
mileage_unit MI or KM
title* Name of the car
price* Could be exact price or a range
state_of_vehicle* New, used, or CPO
dealer_address Complete address
dealer_addr1 Street address (without city)
dealer_city City of Dealer
dealer_region Region or State of Dealer
dealer_longitude Coordinates of dealer
dealer_latitude Coordinates of dealer
owner_type First, Second, Third or Other
owner_name Name of the owner
drivetrain Expected values: 4X2, 4X4, AWD, FWD, RWD, Other.
service_cost Array
fuel_type Diesel, Electric, Petrol, LPG, other
interior_color Color
condition Expected values: 4X2, 4X4, AWD, FWD, RWD, Other.
sale_price Should be a number
date_first_on_lot date format yyyy-mm-dd
availability available or not available
dealer_name Name of dealer
dealer_id Alphanumeric identifier for dealer
dealer_phone Number of dealer
vehicle_type Expected values: car_truck, boat, commercial, motorcycle, powersport, rv_camper, trailer, or other.


Fields marked * are mandatory.

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